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Health Course

Daytime Vegan Health Course

A Course to Help You Successfully Change Your Eating Habits

(Instead of eating healthy for a few months until your “Eat Healthy” New Years Resolution excitement is gone! ????)

If you have tried time and time again to transition to healthy eating habits, but have trouble staying consistent then you are in the right place!  The Daytime Vegan Online Health Course will get you where you want to be!

Daytime Vegan offers a simple and open-minded approach to healthy eating!  No calorie counting or restriction, no special lists of food you’re only allowed to eat,  none of that!   I offer easy, proven, tips that will help you permanently improve your eating habits.  I will show you how I plan my meals every week, how I grocery shop, share tips to avoid snacking on junk food, provide suggestions I personally use to help stay consistent with exercise, and a TON of other helpful information!

Students will also receive 4 weekly meal plans with recipes and grocery lists to kickstart their new healthy lifestyle!

Daytime Vegan Health Course



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Daytime Vegan Health Course