Gluten and Soy Free Recipes for Endometriosis and Ovarian Cysts



Are you Vegan?

Yes, as of December 2016


What exactly are the key points to being Daytime Vegan?

  • Eat vegan for breakfast, lunch, and snacks
  • Make these meals with as much fresh whole plant foods as possible, and as little processed foods as possible
  • Eat meat, chicken, seafood, etc… for dinner only (preferably organic meats and seafood)
  • Gradually cut out most of the processed food you consume from your diet
  • And most importantly, I want Daytime Vegan to be a non-judgmental community for all, meaning we accept vegans and non-vegans who just want to eat healthier and learn how to add more plants to their diet.  Every little bit counts.  I do not want to perpetuate the militant, all or nothing, vibes many vegans have.


A smoothie won’t satisfy me for breakfast.  Am I only allowed to have smoothies breakfast? 

Eating Daytime Vegan does not mean you can only have smoothies for breakfast.  I love to eat oatmeal, overnight oats, vegan pancakes, toast, grits, homemade cereal, quinoa bowls, and several other plant-based options with my smoothies.  I only suggest that you at least have a smoothie for breakfast since most of us do not eat enough fruits and raw veggies on a daily basis.   Smoothies are the easiest way to do this.  I have a green smoothie EVER SINGLE DAY, and I love it.


What will I find on this website?

  • Each week I will share new vegan recipes with you all.
  • Interviews with individuals who have healed their health issues naturally
  • Tips for staying healthy and anything else health/food related I think of!!


May I use your recipe/photo on my website or blog?


Please do not publish any of my recipes or blog posts on your website without written consent from myself, Monique Starks.  This could lead to copyright issues. Photos may be used only if you credit the photo with a link back to the Daytime Vegan post.


Do you work with brands and accept sponsors?


Yes! If there is a product or ingredient I enjoy using I would love to promote it on Daytime Vegan. Send an email to, or fill out the contact form on this website for more information.


Are you on social media?


Definitely! You can find Daytime Vegan on Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.


 So you’re saying Daytime Vegan will cure my disease?


Daytime Vegan does not claim to cure any diseases.  There are numerous studies proving that fresh plant foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc… have the ability to improve one’s health.  I firmly believe that eating Daytime Vegan is the only reason why I no longer have ovarian cysts.  My endometriosis is almost gone and it is because of the Daytime Vegan lifestyle.  Keep in mind I personally make almost everything from scratch.  I consume very little processed foods and eat lots of fruits and veggies every single day.  I am not guaranteeing the same results that I received.


I thought being Daytime Vegan was about eating freshly made whole plant foods.  Why do you have pre-made ingredients in your recipes?


I incorporate pre-made ingredients into my recipes out of convenience for those who want to become healthy, but have no interest in making all of their meals from scratch.  I make nearly everything I consume from scratch.  Vegan mayonnaise, cashew milk, almond milk, pasta sauce, vegan cheese sauce, you name it….I make it from scratch.  Eating almost everything from scratch is absolutely the healthiest way to eat in my opinion, but it can be very time consuming and not everyone has the time to do this.


If you can’t make everything from scratch, I suggest you purchase the highest quality pre-made ingredients you can find, with the least amount of preservatives and other potentially harmful ingredients.  ALWAYS read the ingredient list and nutritional label on the back of the products you purchase.  Try to purchase products with the smallest ingredient list.  I also suggest you search for the nearest natural food store in your town.  I love shopping at Whole Foods and other smaller natural foods stores in my area.