21 Jun Celery Root Apple Slaw with Raisins & Pumpkin Seeds

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This is a delicious and unique spin on the classic slaw recipe.  Crisp celery root, crunchy pumpkin seeds, sweet raisins, and a creamy dressing make this dish amazing.

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Celery Root Apple Slaw

Celery Root Apple Slaw


 Celery Root

Some of you may have never heard of celery root, also know as celeriac.  It is celery of a variety that forms a large swollen turniplike root that can be eaten cooked or raw.   Here’s a picture.

Celery Root Apple Slaw


The outside is rough and brown and the inside is a creamy white color.  It tastes like a cross between celery and a potato to me.  The texture is kind of like a potato, but it can be eaten raw or cooked.  It seems that  some of my readers are not open to trying new ingredients, but I hope to change that over time!  If you can find Celery Root/Celeriac in your grocery store or farmers market then I highly suggest you give this recipe a try.   An easy way to get used to the flavor is to boil it with potatoes when making creamy mashed potatoes.  It gives your mashed potatoes a little kick, but it’s not overwhelming!



If you can’t find celery root then you could make this slaw recipe the old fashioned way with cabbage instead!  You could even try using large radishes.  I found some organic radishes at the farmers market the other day and immediately thought of using them in this recipe!


Health Benefits of This Meal

“Celery Root is rich in vitamins A, C, K and E, essential oils, carotene, microelements and other nutrient.  Celery root has excellent calming, analgesic, antiseptic, anti allergic and other therapeutic properties. This natural product is recommended to patients who suffer from various problems with digestive system, including ulcers, gastritis, indigestion, a lack of appetite and so on.”



***NOTE: This blog is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner.  All information contained in this blog is the opinion of Monique and is not to be interpreted as medical advice.



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Celery Root and Apple Slaw with Pumpkin Seeds and Raisins
Prep Time
20 mins
Total Time
20 mins
Celery Root Apple Slaw Serves 2 – 3
Course: Lunch
Author: Daytime Vegan
  • 1 cup cashews
  • ¼ cup red onion
  • 1 teaspoon coriander
  • 2 teaspoons agave nectar
  • 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • ¾ cup water filtered if possible
  • salt to taste
  • 2 celery roots peeled and cut into strips
  • 2 gala apples cored, cut into strips
  • ½ cup raisins any type
  • ½ cup roasted pumpkin seeds a.k.a pepitas
  1. Place the first 8 ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Place the celery root and apples in a large bowl. Pour the sauce in the bowl and toss everything together. Top with raisins and pumpkin seeds.
Recipe Notes

Celery Root might be tough for some of you to cut. Some food processors have the attachment that cuts vegetables into strips so check to see if yours does that. You could probably use a grater too.
If you can't find Celery Root, or think you won't like it, just use about 3 cups regular green or red cabbage instead. It will be delicious!

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  • TheOrdinaryGirl (@mash_01x)
    Posted at 07:51h, 21 June Reply

    OMG! Looking at this food while fasting is a big challenge for me! haha! but I am tempted to try this lemonade smoothie. The ingredients are so surprising that I almost cannot imagine the taste but I would love to find out,.. definitely will try really soon as this sounds like perfect at the time of breaking fast.

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 07:55h, 21 June Reply

      Thank you! I also think this is a great smoothie to break a fast with because it’s not too heavy. Thank you for the kind words!

  • April Perez
    Posted at 08:01h, 21 June Reply

    Everything else except for celery, I can definitely eat! This makes me want to cook this meal this weekend!!!

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 08:33h, 21 June Reply

      I hope you try it!

  • Lee Rosales
    Posted at 08:24h, 21 June Reply

    I really admire people who can only eat fruits and veggies and no any meat at all. I tried cutting my meats and just eating veggies fish and sometime breast chicken but I can only do it for 1 to 2 weeks.

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 08:33h, 21 June Reply


  • Jason Panuelos
    Posted at 08:31h, 21 June Reply

    Everything looks so amazing!! I want the smoothie and the burgers! Haha! 😀

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 08:32h, 21 June Reply


  • Fred
    Posted at 12:44h, 21 June Reply

    I did not know that watermelon can even be combined with lemonade. Your description make it sound so good!!! I want to try this one. Thank you for introducing us to Celeriac, that is something totally new for me.

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 17:56h, 21 June Reply

      Yes, it’s a great combination. Thanks!

  • Amanda Rosson
    Posted at 21:14h, 21 June Reply

    Oh my goodness, all three of these look so good!! It’s so hot in LA that watermelon lemonade looks especially delicious!! I want to have it right now lol xD

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 21:27h, 21 June Reply

      Yes, the hot weather is brutal this year! The Watermelon Lemonade definitely helps cool you off. Thank you 🙂

  • Libby Boyes
    Posted at 21:27h, 21 June Reply

    That smoothy looks amazing! It’s funny because I ate 2 large watermelons a week while I was pregnant with my daughter and she seems fairly unimpressed with it now. Maybe I ate too much while I was pregnant too!

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 21:30h, 21 June Reply

      That’s funny! I wonder if we can really get tired of certain foods while we’re in our mom’s belly!! Thanks for visiting 🙂

  • roch
    Posted at 00:05h, 22 June Reply

    I have never tried the celery root and I’m not sure where to buy that in the local market. The watermelon lemonade smoothie looks too refreshing! I love that it’s packed with health benefits, too!

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 00:07h, 22 June Reply

      Thank you!

  • Daphine Head
    Posted at 06:03h, 22 June Reply

    Wow it looks amazing

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 18:54h, 22 June Reply


  • Fernando C Lachica
    Posted at 10:35h, 22 June Reply

    Well, I admire Vegan people because they maintained their food intake all the time. Unlike my family and myself, really into meats, seafood, and veggies too. I think, it’s a matter of preference in life and eating habits. Altogether, the same thing I ate ever since.

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 18:54h, 22 June Reply


  • May Palacpac
    Posted at 11:43h, 22 June Reply

    I’m a bit frustrated about juicing and making lovely smoothies like yours, as I would want to do it, but realized that where we are, it’s a bit more pricey to do so. I have all these smoothie recipes in my kindle and I read a lot of recipe blogs like yours, so I do hope I get to try them one days soon.

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 18:54h, 22 June Reply

      I hope you get to try some too! Thanks

  • Franc Ramon
    Posted at 14:04h, 22 June Reply

    Watermelon and lemonade makes a good combo. It goes well with the other dishes here.

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 18:53h, 22 June Reply

      I agree! Thanks

  • Bhushavali
    Posted at 18:53h, 22 June Reply

    Celery… You reminded me to get celery. I have to get celery tomorrow. Would love to try this recipe as well!

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 18:54h, 22 June Reply

      Haha! Glad I could help

  • Lana Slaybell
    Posted at 23:54h, 22 June Reply

    The burger looks good. Turkeys are expensive. I might use chicken instead.

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 00:00h, 23 June Reply

      lol. It’s not a whole turkey.

  • daytodayMOMents
    Posted at 06:44h, 23 June Reply

    My family has members who have life threatening multiple food allergies, so since we have SO many restrictions already it’s hard to go on a specific diet we want to. We use all that we can and use it all. I really like these recipes, they all look SO good, I wish we could have it all. Mental notes – for all that we can have and customize! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 07:26h, 23 June Reply

      I’m sure it’s very hard for you all living with such a strict diet. I’m so grateful I don’t have many allergies to foods. Good Luck and Thanks!

  • Mommy Roxi
    Posted at 08:10h, 23 June Reply

    The kids had watermelon smoothie after lunch! One of their favorites! Will experiment on adding the lemonade. They’re not big fans of citrus-y concoctions.

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 14:59h, 23 June Reply

      Great, I think they’ll like this. It’s not too citrus-y!

  • Elizabeth O.
    Posted at 08:53h, 23 June Reply

    I am totally in! This is by far my favorite set of recipes, especially since the days have been a lot warmer, and I could really use some watermelon lemonade smoothie! Thanks for the recipes!

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 14:59h, 23 June Reply

      Thank you!!

  • Shub
    Posted at 14:53h, 23 June Reply

    I love the crunch of Celery and of course its taste. Love it in my salads, love it in juices too.

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 14:58h, 23 June Reply


  • Raya Cordova
    Posted at 01:07h, 24 June Reply

    Oh wow all these look so amazing!! I’m super excited to try them all out especially the smoothies!

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 01:37h, 24 June Reply

      Thank you! I hope you enjoy them.

  • Jasmine Watts
    Posted at 13:55h, 24 June Reply

    The watermelon lemonade smoothie looks too refreshing! I would love to try it today!

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 18:52h, 24 June Reply


  • Ana
    Posted at 16:37h, 25 June Reply

    I love watermelon but I don’t like Celery! Apart from Celery, I can eat everything which you have shared in this post. 🙂

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 04:33h, 29 June Reply

      Yea, I’m not a big fan of celery, but for some reason I loooove celery root!

  • hannah green
    Posted at 22:02h, 28 June Reply

    I love watermelon smoothies, interesting to read you put dates in their to. Is that just for sweet ness? Great photos.

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 04:32h, 29 June Reply

      Yes, I use it for sweetness! It doesn’t add any other type of flavor.

  • Tiffany Yong
    Posted at 11:23h, 29 June Reply

    Will recommend watermelon lemonade anytime of the day to friends.
    I wonder how it will taste if a pinch of ginger is added in!

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 20:08h, 29 June Reply

      Great idea! I think ginger would taste great in this smoothie!

  • Mariska
    Posted at 13:27h, 03 November Reply

    Hi Monique, I found you on Instagram and immediately checked out your website. I love it! Your picture in the about section is radiant. I love watermelon, and it was my obsession during my pregnancy. I am always looking for different ways to use it in recipes or drinks. Thank you for sharing!

    • Daytime Vegan
      Posted at 02:46h, 23 November Reply

      Sorry for taking so long to respond. I’ve been making some backend changes to my site for a while and haven’t checked comments lately, but thank you very much for the kind words. I don’t know what it is with watermelon and pregnancy, but several people have been telling me they craved it during pregnancy also! It’s very interesting. Thank you again, I appreciate your comment.

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