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Recipes With Real Food.   No Fake Vegan Meat.   No Tofu







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Numerous scientific studies now confirm that a whole foods diet comprised primarily of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and nuts without added oil, sugar, and salt is optimal for human health, not only preventing a broad range of disease and illnesses, but also reversing some of the most dangerous chronic conditions.  This finding is of the highest importance to the Commonwealth because it communicates a truth that has the power to save lives.”    

-PlantPure Nation (an awesome educational documentary on Netflix)

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My name is Monique and welcome to Daytime Vegan!  I started the Daytime Vegan lifestyle in order to heal my disease, Endometriosis, and my Ovarian Cysts.  Adding more whole plant foods to my diet, & decreasing the amount of meat & processed foods I consume, was the best decision I could have made for my health.  Because of this lifestyle I was able to heal my cysts naturally.  Daytime Vegan also allowed me to successfully transition to 100% veganism!   Now, I’m officially a 100% vegan who wants to offer this alternative healthy lifestyle to my non-vegan friends.  Daytime Vegan is a lifestyle that shows you how to create better balance in your eating habits.


More Plants + Less Meat = Better Health!


Daytime Vegan focuses on nutrition, not calories.  This lifestyle is about health, not weight-loss.  Consuming mostly Whole Plant Foods on a daily basis is key to good health.  Eat Vegan during the day.  Eat small amounts of meat (with plenty of veggie side dishes!) for Dinner.  Super Simple!  I offer easy meal plans with recipes and grocery lists to make this lifestyle even easier.


I’m a professionally trained chef with a newfound love for healthy cooking and natural healing and I want to share what I’ve learned with you all.  This website accepts ALL, whether you choose to eat meat or not!!  Learn more in  the ABOUT Section